Who We Are

Testbits is a company that is founded and run by software testers. It brings together a group of like-minded and dedicated individuals.

We are a group of Malaysian testers who are fully invested in the critical value of quality assurance. Application & software testing are becoming recognized as an essential component of software & application development.

At Testbits, we implement standardized and organised software testing and activities, giving you measurable & consistent high quality software & applications.

Our Mission
& Vision


In Testbits we believe that our success of our clients. As such, we are determined to provide an effective and measurable quality of testing services for our customer.


Our vision is to position software testing as a necessary component and Testbits as a front runner when considering software testing provider.

Our Approach

We combine theories and practicality in our framework. This helps our QA to smoothly transition into new projects. Test framework helps to reduce up to 40% of redundant work especially in our familiar domains like Telco, e-Commerce and IV&V for government agencies.

Our Clients

Our Partners