Training Partners

We are a well known company in Malaysia that provides software testing solution. Our partners include Nopmark Consulting and Planit Testing.

Planit Testing

Planit Testing headquartered in Sydney, Australia has offices in 5 countries. They are leading the Australasian market in test training and consultancy. Currently they have around 1,500 test consultants and for around 2 decades they have trained over 30,000 IT professionals.

Many in their management team are members of software testing’s key global bodies including ISTQB, ANZTB, UKTB, ASTQB and TMMi. All these bodies are the ones responsible to determine the syllabus of the software testers’ professional certificates.

Nopmark Consulting

Nopmark Consulting is a company based in San Ramon, California. Their method emphasizes on practical training. Basically, they go into a company for assessment and provide solution and training that can be applied immediately to fix problems in the project and bring them back on track. Their specialty is in medical devices.

They focused on the FDA and International regulatory aspects of the software development for medical device products. They believed disciplined and structured software testing is crucial in testing medical devices as error could cause death, literally.



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