Our Story

Journey to be the one-stop Centre for all there is about Software Testing

As experts in Software Testing, it always falls on us “QA Engineers”, “Test Analysts” or more commonly “Testers” to find those bugs in software before it becomes a problem for everyone else. More often than not Software Testing is neglected, de-prioritized and frowned upon and is usually an afterthought during the development process but the first to point fingers at when a problem explodes!

Our founder Norhayati Suzari, having been through these situations more times than can be counted, sought to bring attention and change to how Software Testing is involved globally. In a market where new Software is born everyday to resolve a new problem, bugs should be the least of anyone’s worries!

So Testers came rallying under the Testbits flag to show how Software Testing benefits when done right, and putting the quality and success of our customer’s software and the nurturing of QA Engineers as our passion! Testbits lead the way to catching bugs one step at a time!

Testbits Team

Building testing solutions and catching new bugs everyday.

Our Mission

Everyday a new software is born. Fun and exciting stuff.

We just want to make sure bugs don’t come with it! So we test, test and test and develop the talents and ways to test properly!

Our Vision

One day Testbits will champion Malaysia as the Software Testing Hub for the region.

Maybe the world after.

Our Approach

For Software Testing to work, two ingredients is needed.

Talent. And Competency.

Here at Testbits we focus on nurturing our Talents to become better and faster at testing everyday. The more they grow, naturally the better they are at solving our customer’s problems!

And to keep up with the rapid-pace IT industry, we develop our own unique in-house frameworks for various domains like Telco, Banks, Government Agencies, and many more.

We combine theories and practicality in our framework and equip our testers with these to ensure they remain competent and competitive!

Our Clients

Our Partners