Software development is a complex and multi-faceted product. Exposing the bugs and issues with it are further more difficult and time-consuming.

This is where Testbits prides in to ensure that those bugs and issues do not reach your end users!

Today’s software rollout are increasingly more fluid and complex.

Over the decades, the demand for more revolutionary and convenient problem-solving software has skyrocketed. 

With everyone holding a smart phone and laptop there is no single person that does not use a software somewhere or somehow. 

But the wrong software or a poorly built one would create more problems rather than solve. So Software Testing has ever more become crucial to ensure the software products are robust and reliable!


Early or Static Testing

We test the requirements early, during the conceptualization or similar and check the specification documents for any potential issues before it gets coded!

SIT Testing

We manage the SIT testing with your developers and ensure that all the components and sub-systems are fully integrated into a cohesive software!

UAT Testing

We interact with your business users and test with them to ensure full acceptance of the software that have met their requirements and achieve high confidence and great satisfaction!

Testing in Production

Need an expert in handling delicate testing in the Production environment? We can do that too! With careful planning and execution in actual production we can conduct sanity tests to check if there are any lingering issues!

Functional Testing

Any software tests will require functional tests to ensure that every functions built are working correctly and resolves the problem it seeks to address.

Testbits with the domain knowledge accumulate and wealth of experience have the right mindset and tools to ensure that your software delivers the right functional solutions!

Non-Functional Testing

Worried about performance issues? Let Testbits come and test your non-functional requirements and ensure that your software and systems performs flawlessly and smoothly to all your user at any given time!

Our experts know all there is about non-functional from load tests, stress tests, volume tests and many more!

Automation Testing

Manual testing is always needed. But sometimes when there are too many tests, too little time and too few testers the job can be daunting. Especially during regressions.

This is where Automation comes in to speed the job and make everyone’s lives easier! 

Testbits uses the latest and best automation tool Katalon Studio to automate any software and cut down the time needed to test!

Training & Knowledge Transfer

Thinking of building an internal team? We can handover everything we have learnt from testing your software and teach your new QA Testing team everything about it including the proper ways to test!

We tailor the right frameworks based on our own testing framework to suit your needs!


Testbits, a certified TMMi Level 3 organisation brings together a group of like-minded and dedicated individuals who are experienced and certified with diverse domain knowledge from various industries. 

Our team is certified with internationally recognized certifications and utilizes an established test framework to ensure a consistent level of high quality.

Have a project?

Let us know what you have in mind! We are always excited to break new codes!