This course is the Foundation Level in the discipline of Requirements Engineering (RE) that covers the topics revolving around the process of gathering requirements, documenting requirements and managing the requirements. Standards of the best practices and methodologies are explored to enhance the capabilities of professionals such as System Analysts, Business Analysts, Requirements Engineers and amongst others such as Software Testers, Software Developers, Project Managers, Product Developers etc.

The certification outcome provides a base to further learn in the field of Requirements Engineering such as the Advance Level and the Expert Level.

Course Content

  • Introduction and Foundations
  • System and System Context
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Documentation of Requirements using Natural Language
  • Model-based Documentation of Requirements
  • Requirements validation and negotiation
  • Requirements Management
  • Tool Support

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowing symptoms of and reasons for inadequate RE
  • Knowing the four major activities of RE
  • Knowing various types of requirements sources
  • Knowing advantages and disadvantages of elicitation techniques
  • Knowing key reasons for requirements documentation
  • Knowing the method to documenting requirements
  • Understanding the effects of Natural Language
  • Understanding the usage of various UML models in documenting requirements
  • Mastering and using the principles of requirements validation
  • Understanding the practices and techniques of managing requirements
  • Understanding the criteria of selecting the right tool and applying