Selenium, a highly popular open source automation tool for web interface is the staple for automation testers around the globe. As basic Automation skill sets become integral in IT projects, Selenium United (SeU) aims to teach the most relevant techniques to creating automated tests for web applications.

The Certified Selenium Engineer course is suitable but not limited to, for those demonstrating in the roles of Software Testing with technical capabilities, as well as developers who may require for their own testing.

Please note that Java concepts cannot be fully explained within this 3-day course. No direct core Java questions would be included in the exam. Participants would have a better experience in the course if they are familiar with the topics referred in this link: “

Course Content

  • Web UI Automation
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Automating the Web UI With Selenium
  • Beyond Simple Selenium Code Constructs
  • Putting Together a Basic Framework

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of browser coverage and distinguish various options for testing UI of web applications.
  • Understand the relationship of Web UI with the underlying HTML and JavaScript with DOM Inspection.
  • Recall the History of Selenium and various tools in its suite along with their purpose.
  • Understand the Selenium Architecture in terms of Language Bindings, Communication Protocols and Drivers.
  • Recognize the purpose and API of Web UI Automation at Browser, Page, Element levels.
  • Understand and Explain the purpose of JUnit annotations, fixtures, assertions.
  • Apply different identification strategies for UI elements.
  • Apply different inquiry and interaction strategies for UI elements.
  • Apply various deeper Selenium automation constructs, which set the basis for more advanced automation.
  • Automate end to end user scenarios by using good coding practices and Object-Oriented principles for placing Selenium code across different classes and methods.
  • Troubleshoot and describe scope of improvement for automation implementation depicted in short code samples.