Technology in the world is rapidly advancing faster than ever, transforming sci-fi concepts such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a very feasible realization. To prepare the world to embrace AI, Artificial United (AiU) was born, to support the understanding of these technological advancements in the world of software development and software testing, where AI will eventually be a key element to daily life.

The Certified Tester in Artifical Intelligence is suitable but not limited to, for those who are actively demonstrating in the field of Software Testing, and exploring new technologies. It will cover on the fundamentals and concepts of Ai and Machine Learning, and the theories and methodologies of testing behind these topics.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Overview of Testing AI Systems
  • Offline Testing of AI Systems
  • Online Testing of AI Systems
  • Explainable AI
  • Risks and Test Strategy for AI Systems
  • AI in Testing

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Recall various types of AI – Narrow, General and Super AI.
  • Explain machine learning (ML) and the fact that ML is one way to achieve AI.
  • Explain Supervised ML and the difference between Supervised Classification and Regression.
  • Explain Unsupervised ML and compare Unsupervised Clustering and Association.
  • Recall the definition and applications of Reinforcement Learning (RL).
  • Explain Deep Learning (DL) and types of Neural Networks.
  • Explain various stages of CRISP-DM – a process for the ML lifecycle.
  • Apply the steps involved in identifying the appropriate ML problem type.