Automation is the way forward

Save Time

Save Cost

Save Effort

Higher Productivity

Easily Maintainable

Increased Coverage

Better Scalability

Improved Accuracy

Faster Results & Feedback

Continuous Testing Ready

Initiating the

Taking the First Step.

If you are considering or just beginning to implement Test Automation in your organization, we can work together with you to start with the basics:

    1. Structuring your new and growing Automation Team.
    2. Developing an organization-fit Automation Framework.
    3. Setting up and training of the Automation Tools (Katalon Suite).

Automating with Katalon.

At Testbits, we have worked with several organizations in developing their Automation Test Organization and Processes. We are partnered with Katalon Inc., the innovator of one of the best Automation Test Tool in the market, Katalon Studios. Built on top of Selenium, it is one of the most reliable, robust and user friendly tools to begin your journey!

Reach out to us and let us show you the power of Automation Testing and how you can make your development projects easier and your products better!

Want to start Automating?

Come have a meeting with us and we can help you!