Hi there, 

Welcome to the Testbits’ blog. In this space we would like to share our journey with you. It’s gonna be a mix of knowledge sharing, our experience, our take on the new technology and everything else in between.

This first entry is gonna be about our first anniversary. We celebrated last week with a dinner buffet at Shang in KL. The place was very nice and the food was good. And judging from the collection of photos that I have in my phone – safe to say that they realllllly enjoy the dinner :D

Most of the testers in this team are in their 20’s. If my 20’s is the same as theirs, then they are at the age where they’d love to explore and experimenting with everything that life has in store for them. I really hope they’ll be taking full advantage of this privilege. 

Here, I would like to introduce you to the team

– Yati, Founder